Turbulencias en vivo: Milei colapsa y se descontrola durante entrevista en televisión


The recent video of Javier Milei collapsing and surging during a live TV show has left many shocked and concerned. The extreme-right presidential candidate in Argentina, known for his controversial views and radical stance, showed up on television completely out of control on Friday, October 26.

In his interview with America24, it became evident that Milei, who recently lost to Sergio Massa of the Union for the Fatherland coalition, is emotionally distraught about his defeat. Prior to the election, Milei had high hopes of winning in the first round and potentially avoiding a second round with the peronistas. However, his defeat at the hands of Massa shattered his dreams and drove him to desperate measures.

One of the most shocking aspects of the interview was Milei’s decision to recruit communist Myriam Bregman to lead his government. This unexpected move raised eyebrows among his supporters and opponents alike. It further highlighted the extent of Milei’s emotional turmoil and the lengths he is willing to go to regain political power.

During the interview, Milei’s behavior took a disturbing turn. He appeared to be mentally unstable, making trejeitos – involuntary nervous gestures – reminiscent of those who are “travado” or mentally locked. These unsettling gestures were a clear manifestation of his lack of psychological control.

As the conversation progressed, Milei’s emotional distress became more evident. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the empty bleachers in the program, as reported by the press. This further added to the chaos of the interview and foreshadowed what was yet to come.

Suddenly, the interview broke down in the middle as Milei burst into tears. It was a heartbreaking moment, reflecting the depth of his anguish and disappointment. The host and production team tried to console him, but it was clear that he needed time and space to recover.

Eventually, Milei had to leave the show accompanied by a production assistant. It was a somber moment, as the once confident and energetic candidate now appeared defeated and vulnerable. The incident left the audience and viewers shocked, wondering about the future of Milei’s political career.

In light of these events, CB Consultoria conducted research that indicates a technical deadlock between Milei and Massa for the second round. This highlights the intense competition and uncertainty surrounding the upcoming midterm elections on November 19. On the other hand, the polling organization Proyecciones gives Massa a 10% lead heading into the elections, suggesting a potential victory for him.

The video of Milei collapsing and surging during the live TV show serves as a stark reminder of the emotional toll that politics can take on individuals. It is a glimpse into the personal struggles and vulnerabilities of politicians, who are often portrayed as strong and resilient figures. The incident also raises questions about the mental health and stability of candidates running for high office.

In conclusion, Javier Milei’s appearance on a live TV show, collapsing and surging during the interview, has sparked concern and debate. His emotional distress following his defeat in the presidential race is evident, and his recruting of a communist figure to lead his government has raised eyebrows. The incident serves as a reminder of the personal struggles politicians face and highlights the intense competition in the upcoming midterm elections. Only time will tell what lies ahead for Milei and his political career.